Hello, I'm Liz.

A few titles I go by: 
  • Content Editor and Creator
  • Copywriter
  • Art Historian
  • Academic liaison

I'm an arts professional with an academic background who set one foot outside the academy but can't yet decide what to do with the second one. 

I have a drive to share stories with people -  historical stories, brand stories, academic stories, professional stories. I work from a place of empathy, translating material into diverse types of content that make those stories accessible to a wide variety of audiences. 

I've organised exhibitions and conferences, recorded podcasts, written blogs, designed marketing posters and websites, and published both in print and online. The way I see it, we have so many creative mediums through which to create narratives - why not use them all? 


To date I’ve written content for art, commerce and product descriptions, and academic articles with image inscriptions. Newsletters, love letters, twitter and tweets - with a flare for accurate research and grammar that is neat. To name a few.

I was also the content editor for Bath Spa University for a number of years, specialising in research copy and content creation, which included tweets, blogs and podcasts (to name a few). 

See my copywriting portfolio for some examples of my work.

Flyer- Blue Symposium-19 Nov 2016 [Progr
Poster-Visual Arts-Singer Sargent-27 Sep


I have given talks for a number of public bodies including the BRLSI (Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution), the Swindon Museum & Art Gallery, the Bruton School for Girls, and Bath Spa University undergraduates.  

Topics include:

  • The Colour Blue - a history

  • John Singer Sargent and Impressionism

  • The Art of WWI

  • Blogging and Web Presence


& Events

While at the BRLSI, I had the pleasure of co-curating two photography exhibitions with local group PhotoBATH, one focusing on works from Sebastião Salgado's Genesis (loaned from the collection of 31Studio), and a retrospective of the works of documentary photographer Carlo Chinca. 



What does a lay figure in Bath Spa's archive have to tell us about our creative and teaching history? Let George tell you.

I sat down with Dr Graham Davis to discuss Bath Spa's radical heritage, and how strong women have made their mark on the University's history.